Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Positivity Link-Ups Coming Soon!

Every other Monday I am going to be hosting this positivity link-up. I would just love it if you write a quick post about something positive you have experienced the last couple weeks, and share it here on NaH. I think it could do us all some good to pause and think of a positive experience we would like to share. Each link-up will have a theme, to help you think of a moment to share, but don't let this keep you from sharing a moment unrelated to the weekly theme!

The themes so far are:
  • March 5: Customer Service - whether you have a service related job, or buy a coffee every morning this one relates to everyone!
  • March 19: Blog Positivity - in co-operation with After Nine to Five's Blog Positivity Week.
  • April 2: Random Acts - a smile, lending a nickle, the possibilities are endless.
You can plan to act on one of these themes, or simply keep your eyes peeled for an example you see. Then write up a quick post and link it up over here! And feel free to visit others and see what positive experiences they are sharing and spread some blog love while you are at it.

Who's in?

If you would like to be involved beyond the link-up or have an idea for a theme please e-mail me! I would love to hear from you.


PS today is the last day to visit this months sponsors, tomorrow there will be some new ones - please take a gander and start spreading some positivity!

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