Monday, April 30, 2012

Giveaway Winners!

Just stopping in quickly to let you know the winners of the previous two giveaways :)

The winner of the 8x10 print from my new shop, Knotted Tree Photography, is:

And, the winner of the two After Nine to Five Prints is:

Congratulations ladies, please e-mail me to claim your prizes!

And just a quick reminder that there is a new giveaway up on the blog today, scroll down or click here to see the Earthtastic Review and Giveaway!

And Happy Monday :)

Earthtastic Product Review & Giveaway!

Towards the end of March I was contacted by a lovely lady by the name is Cassidy. She asked if perhaps I would be willing to review some of her handmade body products. After a quick glance at her shop, Earthtastic, I was eager to respond and let her know I would be happy to do a review.

Cassidy uses natural, organic and sustainable ingredients to make gentle and nourishing products, many of which are vegan and nut-free. I was a little overwhelmed with all the options, but I chose calendula soap and the Emu Oil Healing Bar. I was also careful to mention that I am pregnant, therefore I was hoping to avoid any essential oils that are unsafe/too strong for pregnant bellies or babies.

I was super impressed that the items arrived as quickly as they did. I was pretty excited to open the pack and see what I had. And everything was so sweetly packed, I almost hated to open it up. It was a little like Christmas :)
So I go my wish on the Emu Oil Healing Bar, and the Calendula Soap, and she sent along a Sweet Orange Lip Balm as well. I opened the Lip Balm and used some right away. This girl can never have enough lip balm around, and I loved the soft scent of the sweet orange and found that the lip balm had a lovely texture and applied easily. And it is packaged in an eco-friendly tube!

The Emu Oil Healing Bar was a new concept for me, it's a roll-up lotion and as you apply it your body heat warms the bar making it easier to apply. It also has a gentle scent and and is super easy to use! I have severely dry skin, and sometimes get small patches of eczema - I used this lotion on one patch of eczema daily for about a week and the patch cleared right up. So impressed!

And finally the soap, this one took me longer to try, mostly because I kept forgetting to take it in the shower. But when I did, I loved it! I lathers so well, and cleans gently without leaving that tight dry soap feeling. And it's light scent is a refreshing change to the regular overly smelly soaps!

Overall I am extremely happy with the products, as well as the customer service provided by Cassidy. Earthtastic is a wonderful shop and I would highly recommend her products to anyone, especially those looking for organic, vegan or nut-free options in their body care.

And now, the most exciting part - Cassidy is offering all of these items to one luck NaH reader! And on top of that, the winner will be able to choose the scent of their lip balm and soap!

Here's how you enter:
Visit the Earthtastic Shop and let me know which products are most enticing to you.

Extra Entries (please leave a separate comment for each!)
- Follow the Earthtastic Blog
- Follow the Newfoundlander at Heart Blog
- Like Earthtastic on Facebook
- Like Newfoundlander at Heart on Facebook
- Follow Earthtastic on Twitter

And that's all you have to do! You have until Sunday May 6th 11:59pm EST to enter. So please go check it out! Thanks so much to Cassidy for sending me the products and for offering items for a giveaway also :)

Good Luck and Happy Entering!


This was not a paid review, I was simply sent the items listed above and have written my honest opinion of the products. All views and opinions are my own. Interested in having your product reviewed on Newfoundlander at Heart? Email me for more information :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Dear Pip: 3 Weeks

 Dear Pip

We are less than three weeks to your due date, and things are starting to shape up around here. I took some time in the last couple days to go through the clothes we have already been given and sorted them into size categories. I'm not expecting you to be a tiny baby, so I'm going to wash and fold anything that is 0-6 months, expecting you'll be in the 6 month outfits before you hit that milestone :) And even though I know you won't be tiny, I'm sure you will still seem that way when we first bring you home.
cutest little sock I ever did see :)
Something else there was quite a few of was blankets, these are all flannel receiving blankets, which will be great for swaddling, feeding and general cuddling. We sure are lucky to have all of these things already.

You gave me a bit of a scare on Monday night, I was having rather strong contractions (Braxton Hicks though, not real ones) and it made me realize I better slow down, AND that you could arrive any time now. I have moments when I don't quite feel ready, but I know when the time comes I'll be waiting with open arms.

There is a bit of a celebration tomorrow with some friends and family in honour of you, and you better be ready to hear lots of high exclamations and to get lots of rubs. It seems now like you stop all your movements when someone else touches my belly, but perhaps you're just a little shy.

It's so close, I can't believe it has almost been 9 months already! Where on earth does the time go? And I better get ready, because the time is only going to faster after you arrive. Well here is to (possibly) three more weeks little one, we will see you soon! :)

Love Always,

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Today I am feeling tired, drained, and unfocused. I've been really lucky throughout my entire pregnancy; I have been able to maintain a normal diet (no crazy morning sickness), maintained a fairly comfortable size, and been lucky enough to be healthy and happy. But today I'm just not myself. I'm not entirely sure if it is the fact that we only have three weeks to go (until the due date), or if it is the weather, or the sleep I have been missing out on recently. But whatever the reason, I am out of it. I think Pip is feeling it too, things have been quieter than normal in the belly this morning. I am looking forward to a quiet evening at home tonight, and a later shift at the store tomorrow. Perhaps this time will allow me some rejuvenation.

I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday, it is getting close to the weekend, and that is definitely something to look forward to.

A few quick reminders:
  • You can still enter to win an 8x10 print of your choice from my new shop - Here.
  • You should enter After Nine to Five's Giveaway - Here.
  • Meet some fabulous ladies - Here.
  • I still have a few sponsor spots if you're interested - Here.
Thanks for listening :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let's Catch-Up!

Today I have a little catch-up post, to check in with my sponsors and see what they've been up to recently. Take a look at all the interesting things they have going on, and be sure to follow the links over to their posts!

Hey! I'm Jessica, from My Love is Growing and last August, my husband and I purchased our first house, an 84-year old charmer that needed a little bit of love. Right now we're working on renovating it into the perfect starter home. Follow us as we tear down walls, change out light fixtures, pick paint colours, install cabinets, well pretty much anything relating to a renovation... We're learning a lot as we go and love sharing our story with you!
~ Jessica

Hey y'all! April has been a bit of a hectic month for the house of Wonderful, which caused me to lose site of my inspiration for just a wee bit of time. But luckily I've got that back & am secretly working behind the scenes on some changes to match all that inspiration. This year is all about chasing our dreams & we are doing that one step at a time, even if we stumble a bit along the way. So come along & join me for some epic adventures!
~ Kelly

Recently I have started up my own shop on this here interweb. It is called Pure Trinkets and is a place where you can find handmade, unique jewelry and accessories. I would love it if you could stop by!
~ Katlyn

April’s been a very busy month for me... I added a lot of new stock to my shop {and it’s selling fast!} and I blogged a super cute diy for some hanging birdies . Offline, my kiddos and I have been having lots of fun – enjoying the sun when it shone and splashing in puddles when it rained!! 
~ Polly

My name is Danielle and I blog over at Framed Frosting. On my blog, you'll find me talking about all things beauty and fashion related. You'll also find me coordinating a Secret Blogger Swap that I'd love for you to participate in! You can find all the details here.  
~ Danielle

I just reopened my shop after a month long break because March was a bit insane for this mama! I've also been working on a blog redesign with a fabulous blog designer and it will be unveiled May 1st! So excited. Hope y'all have had a wonderful April!
~ Tricia
It's hard to believe it's the end of April already and that summer is just around the corner. Recently I have been making an effort to eat more meals at home, like this bacon, mushroom and spinach risotto, and also try new recipes. I've also been busy crafting custom wedding cards and finalizing preparations for the lovely Margot's (yes, Newfoundlander at Heart's Margot!) baby shower. 
~ Brynn

This month I've been getting back to my sewing roots, taking a hard look at what makes me happy  and what doesn't, celebrating with a bit of poetry and working on some new picnic blankets and other fancy things for my shop.
~ Gillian

JoyInspiration is a one woman operation run by Joy herself!  Joy specializes in designing greeting cards and art prints, but recently has started to create mixed paper journals and digital invitations.  The best part about Joy's job:  she gets to work along side her fluffy little four month old puppy. :)
~ Joy

Aren't they a lovely bunch of ladies! I am so happy to have them as friends and sponsors :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5 Penny Pinching Tips: Groceries

Reggie and I have been looking to cut back on costs recently, with the baby arriving, and my income decreasing drastically we thought we would prepare ahead of time. So every other week I plan to share some of the ways we have found to cut monthly costs. I hope that this might help any of you who are looking to do the same.

Purchasing food is one of my weaknesses. While I was in university I never ate like a student because I had to, it was only if I felt like KD one night. But when I made the connection with how much money I didn't have, and how much I was spending a month on groceries I decided to look into it.

Now Reggie and I still eat well, but we have a few tricks up our sleeves for ensuring nutritious, delicious and cost-effective meals in our home.
Our Pantry Shelf: 1. Usually Homemade Granola (I'm out right now) // 2. rolled oats and other cereals // 3. lentils, hot choco mix, slivered almonds // 4. bread crumbs, cous cous // 5. brown sugar, raisins & rice behind // 6. white sugar, spaghetti (behind) // 7. flour // 8. macaroni // 9. kidney beans // 10. my tea corner, with lots of different flavours!
  1. Meal Planning - This translates to: buy only what you need. That doesn't mean that you have to buy in small quantities (more on that in a minute), but it means go to the store with a shopping list. Sit down on Sunday (or some day before your grocery day) and decide what you would like to eat in the following week. You don't have to follow this plan to 'T' but it will definitely help you while you are at the grocery store. Then compare all the items you have for these meals and write down things you are missing on the list. Also, try to purchase things that you can use for more than one meal to stretch your dollar. :)
  2. Buy Food in Bulk - Be wary of this suggestion. Only buy in large amounts if you are sure you can use all of what you purchase. Grocery items are often less per 100g when you buy the larger container, but if you are not sure if you like it of don't use it frequently and will end up throwing it in the garbage, then opt for the smaller option. With things like meat I will split up large packages when I get home, and store them in the freezer, this is also a good option with bread/buns, berries and some fruits, and baked goods (if you purchase over making yourself).
  3. Keep a Well Stocked Pantry - I love to bake, so it is essential for me to have all the necessary ingredients when I want to whip up something sweet. I choose to shop for most of my baking needs in the bulk food store. With this option I can get the quantity I want, i.e. a large amount of rolled oats or a very small amount of spices (spices lose their punch quickly, and purchasing an entire bottle from the grocery store is a. expensive and b. often too much, unless you use that spice a lot!), and I don't have to pay for packaging or labels (which can be very expensive, think extra weight and brand names). Other things you can keep in a pantry (aside from baking ingredients) are rice, pasta, beans/lentils, tea, coffee, cereal, nuts/seeds (although most of these should be kept in the fridge so they don't go rancid), canned goods, and some treats like chips or crackers. See a peek of my dry goods pantry above (canned goods and boxed goods go elsewhere).
  4. Purchase Items on Sale! - For those last few items I mentioned in #3 these are great items keep an eye on! When they go on sale I tend to stock up on a few things that I don't normally purchase. And because you can keep them in your pantry, you can purchase more than you would eat in a week. Most stores put out a flyer once a week, with all the sale prices. I usually spend a few minutes Thursday night (when we get our flyers) and cross check my grocery list with sale items. If there are items I normally purchase on sale, I am sure to get some, even if we aren't out yet - the sale might not continue to my next grocery day. My only word of caution here is similar to the buying in bulk: if it is something you put in the freezer or the pantry then I would say stock up! But, keep in mind that most things still have a freezer/shelf life and I would warn against getting too many fresh things like dairy or produce that you can't eat before they spoil, in these cases you should stick to smaller quantities - you don't want to throw your money away. 
  5. Extreme Couponing :) - So if you have seen the recently popular show in the States you have an idea what I am referring to. It is not possible, however, to be quite as extreme here in Canada. We have stricter rules (ie no doubling up, and we can't actually get money back). But I have been known to save some money using coupons. A few things to remember: 
    • Keep an eye out for coupons for items you regularly use.
    • Coupons often go out for new items, and the discount will be large but if it is not a necessary item you will still be spending money you don't need to. 
    • You can (sometimes) still use coupons on sale items, and this is a great way to save extra money.
    • Most coupons expire in a couple weeks, keep track of when your shopping day is and when the coupons expire.
    • Try to always have them on you. In most cases, you have to have the coupons to get the discount.
    • I know it can be time consuming to cut, save and organize coupons, but if you make it part of your sale searching time and don't go overboard, it can be a great way to save a few extra pennies!
And there you have it! 5 tips to help you reduce your grocery bill. Be sure there will be more food related Penny Pinching Posts in the future! :) To see all of the Penny Pinching Tips posts click here.

Thanks so much for reading along, if there are any questions or something you would like me to touch on please comment below.

Monday, April 23, 2012

March Giveaway with After Nine to Five

I have a fantastic giveaway for you today! 

Have you seen Ashley's Shop? It is awesome, and there are so many great prints to choose from. Also, Ashley and her wonderful husband are starting a new blog together called Two Dogs, a Cat and a DIY Life. I'm pretty excited about it, and thought I would share. At about a week from going live, I would be sure to keep it on your radar - it's going to be a good one! :)

And now, how to enter:
Extra entries (please leave a separate comment for each):
  • Visit the After Nine to Five Blog and take a look around and say hello.
  • Follow Newfoundlander at Heart via GFC (widget on the left)
  • Follow After Nine to Five, and tell me how you do.
  • Follow Newfoundlander at Heart on Twitter
  • Follow After Nine to Five on Twitter
And that's it! Not so hard now is it :) You have until Sunday April 29th 11:59PM EST to enter. I will announce the winner next Monday!

Also, there is still a giveaway of your choice of 8x10 here on NaH, and over on Ashley's blog you'll notice you can win a $40 credit to my new shop. Be sure to enter if you like any of my photos! :)

Happy Monday, a good way to start the week don't you think?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

In the Garden: Earth Day Garden Peeks

Happy Earth Day everyone! I'm a little late in the date I know, but I'm celebrating still :) Today I spent a good amount of time inside, organizing my craft corner (more on that later;), and Reggie spent most of the day outside cleaning the yard. Usually I would help in this department, but at 36 1/2 weeks we thought perhaps I should sit this year out. I did make regular visits outside to take in the sunshine, get some fresh air, and visit the garden. And look what's blooming:
And, on another positive note, my seedlings are growing and happy! I will have peppers and tomatoes from seed this year! I meant to plant a few others this weekend, but the time just flew by, so they will have to wait a day or two.

How are your gardening adventures going so far? Any exciting discoveries?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ooooh, Pretty Fabrics

I have a specific project and I was looking for bike and yoga fabrics. I am sooo excited about the ones I found. Spoonflower is such a great resource for finding fun new patterns don't you think?!
I will be sure to share the outcome of these fabrics when I've finished my intended goal. I will be using them to make favours for an event I am planning at the store I work at - sure to be a good one!

I do also have a from the stash post that I am working on, and I'm hoping to share a peek later today. I know it has been a while since I did one. Bear with me, things have been a little harried around here lately :)

Hope you're having a lovely Saturday!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Shop Updates & Surprise Giveaway!

So I'm going to try to stop by every couple of weeks with a shop update for you lovely people! I unfortunately have not had a chance to update Hooked Goods recently, so I don't have much to share in that department. I am, however, in the process of creating/planning a few things to go in there and with some free time this weekend I am hoping to have some new items to share at the next show and tell :)

In the new shop, I have been working hard to list new prints rather frequently and I thought a good way to get some feedback would be to ask you, my lovely readers! So, here is a little sample of a few new items to the Knotted Tree Photography Shop:




And if you would be so kind as to visit the shop and let me know which print is your favourite and why, I will draw 1 person to win an 8x10 of their favourite print!

It's as easy as that, visit the shop, choose a favourite, comment below telling me which one. You have until Thursday April 26th 11:59pm EST to enter. I will choose a winner via and announce the winner on Friday next week.

Good luck, and thanks so much for reading along! :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Deals and Winning Opportunities

Right now I am in the process of promoting my new shop, Knotted Tree Photography, and if you like what you see there are a few ways you can get your hands on some of these prints!

You can use the code WELCOME at the checkout for 25%off your total order. That's pretty good savings if you ask me.

You can also win $30 shop credit from a few different places:
Whimiscal Poppysmic

And there will be a few more winning opportunities added next week. I will make sure to direct you towards those also! :)

I hope you are all having a wondering Thursday. I'll be back tomorrow with some updates on what's new in the shops :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sponsor Love!

I have a couple lovely ladies to share with you today! My regular sponsors have offered up a little information about themselves, as well as answered my monthly question: What is your favourite fast meal? Please visit these lovely ladies and spread some blog love, and feel free to share your favourite quick meal in the comments below - I'm always looking for new ideas! ;)

Right now you can win a $30 shop credit for my New Shop on Chrissy's Blog, go check it out!

Polly is offering up a shop discount, use code Newfoundlander for 20% off. You should take a look!

Have a lovely Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sponsor Call Out!

It's that time of the month again! May is going to be an exciting time here at Newfoundlander at Heart! I'm expecting my first babe, and I can't wait to share the experience with all of you. I will be continuing my regular posting of crafts, recipes, gardening and daily adventures, and there will be some fun guest posts well I'm bonding with the new addition to our little family.

I'd love for you to spend May in my sidebar, and as a little bonus I am offering 2 months for the price of one. So if you are interested you will get May and June for the low price of 1 month!

Questions? Please visit my Sponsor Page for rates, benefits and statistics!

I hope your Tuesday has been Splendid so far!

Baking Challenge: Frying Pan Cookies & New Recipe!

So two weeks ago I shared this recipe, which was originally posted by Thursday:

So I finally had the chance to try these cookies out, and I tweaked the recipe just a little. Here's how my version went:

1/2 cup butter
1 1/2 cup dates, chopped
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 1/2 Rice Krispies
1-2 cups of shredded coconut (I used unsweetened, up to you)

Melt butter, and allow to cool slightly. Beat eggs well, combine with brown sugar and butter. Add dates. Cook this mixture over low heat, stirring frequently, for about 20 minutes. Remove from heat.

Allow mixture to cool slightly, add salt, vanilla and Rice Krispies.

Mixture must cool significantly before you can handle! Pour coconut into a low bowl, and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

With greased hands roll teaspoon of mixture into a ball and then roll in coconut. Place on baking sheet and allow to cool completely. You will likely want to wash your hands and re-grease every 5 cookies or so, they can get very messy. Store in an airtight container, in the fridge for up to 1 week.

And here's the photo version of the recipe:
As you can see, I didn't actually make these in a frying pan. I chose to use a sauce pan. And I'm happy to report they are quite tasty! Please comment below if you try them, or if you have an interesting recipe you'd like me to try :)

As for our next project, this is what I'm looking at:
I'd love it if you'd join in! Check back in two weeks to see how I make out :)