Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dear Pip: Likes, Dislikes and Activity


Dear Pip

It is amazing how fast time flies! At this point you have developed to 29 weeks, and the wiggles are getting stronger. I think I can tell now that there are some things you like, and rather specific times you are awake. I wonder if you will continue these trends after you are born.

Right now it seems you like music, of any kind, much like your parents. A few times while driving or at home I have felt you 'grooving' to some tunes - anything from country to rock or pop. I'm excited to see how you like the Mariposa Folk Festival you will be going to with Daddy and Mama in early July (you could be as little as 6 weeks!). I'm sure you'll be a big hit among friends! It seems you still quite like when I walk, hike or move in general. I think this means that Daddy and I will be rocking you to sleep on occasion, and I hope it means you will enjoy hikes and maybe even bike rides, because we plan on taking you everywhere!

Right now you can hear, and I hope this means that you are getting used to some of the sounds in our home. Gunner (your furry big brother) isn't too loud, but sometimes he hears a noise and has to bark loudly and defensively to let us know about it. And there are tools and machines and motors around that sometimes make noise. I'm sure we will do our best to keep these quiet while you are sleeping, but I hope they don't alarm you when you're awake.

The thing you seem to like the least is long car rides, or while I'm sitting at work for long periods. I don't think there will be too many more long car rides, because it is getting difficult for mama to sit that long, but unfortunately there is another 10 weeks or so of work and one of my jobs is a desk job. Sorry little guy, but your space in only going to get more cramped until you grace us with your adorable presence!

Right now you seem to be most active when I first wake up, mid-morning, late afternoon, and in the evenings. I know there are other times you are awake and move, but you seem to be most active at these times, when mama is a little hungry. I think perhaps this means you are going to be adamant about feeding times, which is much like me, so I won't complain.

I think Daddy and I are going to put your changing table together tonight! Things are moving right along, and with an ultrasound this Friday and a visit to the doctor next week we'll have more updates on your size soon! Keep on growing little Pip, you're already making me proud!

Love Always,

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  1. Go ahead and get Pip as used to loud noises as possible! That'll make it 20x easier for him/her to go to sleep and stay asleep with the world is noisy around him/her :)

    Sound machines are a great thing, too - if you plan on using one when little Pip arrives, go ahead and buy one now so he/she can get used to hearing it!


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