Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spreading Fibre Love

This past weekend I participated in the Third Annual Fibre Arts Festival in Peterborough. I was there on behalf of Hooked Goods, sharing some of my rug-hooking knowledge. I was amazed at the people who were interested in rug-hooking both learning how it works and about where I learned the craft.

For the Festival I created a couple blank frames for visitors to give rug-hooking a try, and I was working on my own piece as a demonstration. I also created a few small kits that folks could purchase to give rug-hooking a try on their own.

The kits were really popular, with a small coaster sized design on burlap, a hoop and basic instructions, people seemed really interested in trying out the new (to them) craft! And because of the interest and demand I've decided to make some more kits, and perhaps list them in the shop - so be on the look-out if you are interested in trying your hand at a little hooking!

I also made connections with numerous people who were interested in learning through hands-on workshops, so I will be creating a few workshops in order to teach this traditional craft. If you are near me and interested, feel free to send me an e-mail with any questions!


Monday, March 18, 2013

A Day without Milk

You might think I'm referring to my little guy, however, I am in fact referring to myself. This morning we woke after an extremely busy weekend, with no milk in the fridge. Now for most people this is not a big deal, but for me, this is a problem! I have cereal every morning and I drink copious amounts of tea throughout the day - always with milk. But this morning there was none. And we don't live especially close to a store, nor did I have the enthusiasm before breakfast. I usually have evaporated or dry milk powder in the cupboard for baking, and have been known to dip into these in the case of a dire emergency. But we were all out of these too! Not even a little yogurt that I could have with my cereal. What is a girl to do? Well I survived. And I thought you might be interested in what I came up with.

For breakfast I had some toast: homemade oatmeal bread, with grape jelly on one slice and peach jam on the other. And I did have tea, spiced chai rooibos, without milk, but it was still delicious!
For lunch Pip and I had left over moose steak, rice and asparagus. And for dessert I thawed some frozen strawberries and blueberries, mixed them with canned peaches from the summer and some homemade granola... and delicious!

For supper we are planning to have some bear soup from the freezer (yes I said bear) and homemade oatmeal bread. And perhaps some more frozen berries for dessert :)

Now I have to admit I just sent an e-mail to Reggie, asking for him to pick up a few things on his way home, milk being one of them. And I can't promise I'm not going to have some cereal when he gets here. It seems I just can't make it through a day without milk.

Is there anything you can't bear to go without?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Lies on Facebook, and elsewhere...

I read this blog post a little while ago on Raising Kvell. I'm not Jewish, but this post still rang very true with me. The author shares her posts from facebook, which depict a happy, shiny family getting along perfectly well on a beautiful sunny morning. Then, she proceeds to describe how her day actually rolled out - very different.

I'd recommend if you have a minute to read the post in the above link. It's entertaining in the least, but I am sure we are all guilty of sharing only the happy parts of our lives in facebook - so we can all relate. Anyways, in light of this post I thought I might share a couple of the not so happy moments with little Pip. Just so you all know he isn't always a perfectly happy little fella!

 Only a few weeks old, he was so cold and mad when I decided to take his photo post bath.
Daddy and I have both attempted to use our computer while holding the baby - it is impossible now as he is very interested, and given the chance would love to mash those keys :)
Waiting for daddy to load the boat when leaving the cottage, the tired hungry little guy was not happy to be placed in the 'soft' grass.
 When photo shoots are most important... and baby's comfort not. (2 months)
  Again, too many photos make an unhappy babe.
Not particularly happy on his tummy, the smile lasted about 3 seconds, and turned to this expression followed closely by a loud scream. (about 7 months)

I'm bad for mostly taking photos when he is happy and smiling. I think after the post I read I am going to try to share some 'real life' photos and stories, along with the happy, smiley ones.

Hope your Friday is wonderful!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I have been thinking a lot lately about my life, my family, my work, my 'me' time, my blog, and feeling overwhelmed. Here are a few thoughts on my life lately:

On Family:
My baby is growing up, he's crawling, pulling himself into a standing position, making all kinds of different noises. It won't be long and he will be walking, and talking and going off to school. I love seeing him grow and explore, but some days I miss my snuggly sleepy little baby boy.

On Work:
I recently went back to work part time - which is great! I think it is a fantastic way for me to have some time away from Pip and for him to start getting used to not being with me everyday. Soon, my year of maternity leave will be over, and I will be back full time in the work force. So for now I am trying to enjoy the days I have at home with my ever growing little boy, and appreciate the time I do get to spend easing myself back into working.

On Blogging:
I have been planning on doing away with sponsor spots, and have already stopped sponsoring other blogs. And my blog posts have really been lacking lately. I just couldn't keep up and be the mama I wanted to be. It's not for lack of ideas, or even photos. I have all kinds of posts started, and I have photos (on my camera) for said posts. I think it is finding a quiet moment to write out the words, load the photos and hit publish that I am struggling with. I wrote a little post about this a while back (here), and recently I read a post on my friend Ashley's blog sharing some similar feelings. It seems I am not the only one finding it difficult to get back to the original blogging magic. But I am going to try. Slowly, organically, I am just going to let it happen as it will. And I have baking posts to share - that's always a good place to start. So when I have a free minute, I will share that deliciousness! :)

On me-time:
Say what? I haven't had a lot of this, in a while now. Right now working two days a week is proving to be a great addition to the me time quota - getting out of the house, alone, and spending time with people I like. It totally counts. I'm sure in a while it will get old too. And then I am going to try to spend just a little time out of the house, doing something I like. I'm thinking perhaps, paddling, or cycling and maybe a little hiking/photography adventure. Of course crafting counts as me-time, but I think the time spent outside the house is more productive in self-rejuvenation!

How about you friends? What have you been thinking, doing or blogging lately? Leave me a link, I've so been missing visits with friends!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pip Update: 9 Months

9 Months! How on earth has it been 9 months?! My baby is eating all kinds of yummy foods, he's crawling, he has 6 (almost 7) little teeth, he giggles often, he is super curious (just like his mama), he sleeps through the night and makes so many different faces (hehe). He makes me smile every single day, and I couldn't love him anymore!

The last month was busy. We made a trip to Ottawa to visit some friends, and had the chance for a little skate on the canal. And we finally had some winter weather so we have been out on the river, and in the woods enjoying the fresh, crisp air! Spring is on it's way, and we have hopes for some fun adventures as the snow melts and the days get longer and warmer.

 Bundled up for a skate on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa.
 Enjoying some bright sunshine out on the Pigeon River!

 So many funny faces :)

Isn't he a sweetheart? I just want to snuggle him all day long - although nowadays he is nowhere near as interested in mama snuggles as he is in exploring parts of the house he has never seen. I'm heading back to work on Thursday - part time - and it's going to be a big change for both of us. But I think it is a good step before going back to work full time in May.

Here's hoping I won't lose my cool, on my first full day away from him. :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

East Coast Daydream with Shirley

My friend Shirley, from A Bow for Mama, is taking over the blog today with a little trip to one of her favourite areas. Follow her daydream and visit a beautiful spot, and make sure to stop by her shop and see her amazing products!

Hello captive audience, our sweet friend Margot allowed this Southern gal to take over her blog for a few minutes today and here is why. You see Margot and I have something in common; we both enjoy daydreaming of far off places. If you've been a reader here for any length of time, you know that a little part of Margot’s heart has found a permanent home in Newfoundland. (Oh, perhaps I should introduce myself. I’m Shirley. Margot and I "met" through the fabulous TSU A-List.)

My heart tends to wander a bit more, but has found a few favorites along the eastern coast of North America. If you love to dream, through Margot, about Newfoundland and its timeless beauty, then come along with me for a few moments as I talk about the places my heart longs for.

Once referred to as the "Crystal City" a favorite Northern destination for my husband and I is the charming city of Corning, New York. Relatively small for a city, it is jam packed with elements I am passionate about. Corning’s history dates back to the 1790’s, but the scope of the city has developed beautifully over time. Those passionate about American art and history will absolutely adore the Rockwell Museum of Western Art.



The abundant collection of history offers a rare link to the past while another city museum pulls visitors to the future. Corning Museum of Glass (CMOG) is a must for travelers in south central New York. With exhibitions ranging from glass blowing techniques to stunning, intricate, even mind blowing works of glass art, CMOG is a fascinating destination.

At times during a CMOG tour you will be walking on a second story, with a pane of Corning glass beneath your feet. (instead of traditional floor!) You will see folks below you, exhibits, and a gift shop, and you’ll be acting brave. (Silly, the glass is incredibly strong and completely trustworthy!) After exploring this beautiful little city you could travel to the nearby, stunning Watkins’s Glen or perhaps visit Finger Lakes Region for an afternoon of boating or wine tasting. You probably shouldn’t mix these two, but as you can tell, there’s something for everyone in this diamond in the rough.

I dearly love the culture of Corning and all the beauty that surrounds it, but my heart also longs for the historical delight, Williamsburg, Virginia. Ah, what a neat place! In fact, I think it’s a place Margot would love. Beautiful in every season it hosts some of the finest glimpses of early North America. Talented men and women pose as early colonials in a full scale representation of the earliest colonies. You can see true-to-the-time brick laying, roof thatching, war reenactments and more. But if you’re not an avid history buff like me, you can always enjoy more modern tourist attractions. If you love all things spooky you might enjoy the witch trial plays that Williamsburg puts on from time to time.



Still further south I must brag up my own home sweet home. If you’ve never visited Savannah, Georgia, you absolutely must come! Famous for history, culture, art and so much more, Savannah is truly the gem of the South. You will fall in love the moment your feet hit the cobblestone River Street or the first time you snack on a picnic lunch in one of our famous town squares! Savannah will be a big hit if you love historical architecture, beautiful homes and character galore.  Gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, are all too mild words for this breath taking city! 



Dreaming yet?
Thanks Margot for letting me brag up my favorite locale's!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Shop Update: KTP

Knotted Tree has a facebook page, which I am sure I've mentioned before, but I'd love for you to follow along to get the latest information about the shop! I just posted a question on the page, about framing options when purchasing prints, and I would be forever grateful if you would pop over and give a quick answer!

Also, I have added some new product to the storenvy front. Here's a peek:
Collage Print - Newfoundland Wild Flowers
Photo Pendant Necklaces
And, if you like the look of those new pendants, you can win one over on Ashley's Blog. Or, you can still use code 'newstore' to get 25% off!

Also, if there is a print you love  that you'd like in pendant form feel free to make a request, and I will see if it is doable! :)

Any feedback on the new products would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks so much for reading friends :)