Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting Organized

As everyone gets ready to go back to school, I still feel the urge to go out and buy school supplies. With the upcoming wedding, and the potential for a new job this fall I decided to give in to my childhood desires... A couple weeks ago I was at Winners, and came across this planner:
I love the pretty picture on the front of a wooden bicycle! (I know! Scroll back up and take a gander:) Also it is a 16 month calendar, September 2011-December 2012 which is perfect, because I can use it right now, and it will be good for the next full year!
Another great thing is there is lots of room for writing. There is ample space for each day, plus after every week there is a full page spread for things to note, a to-do list, and a shopping list! I love it! So much space to make sure I don't forget a thing, and I will never feel like I am running out of space when I want to write instructions for a craft, a recipe, or a very long shopping list. It's a little heavy, but nothing my everyday bag can't handle.

How do you keep yourself organized?

Monday, August 29, 2011

In the Garden: Guest Post

I'm guest posting with Sarah over at Atlantic Atlantis today. Sharing a little summary of my adventures in the garden this summer. Go take a look!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spend little, Save alot!

This past week I worked hard on the 7 day push. I carried over the eating fruits and veggies, and I found that the more I incorporated the better I felt. Something about fresh food that feels good! I found the best way for me to make sure I was getting my recommended daily intake was to always take some raw cut veggies with me for lunch, and put a plate of them out at supper.
I was also working on increasing my water intake, which was good. I like drinking water, and I feel like it is the most refreshing of drinks one could consume.

This week, the push is a no spend week. Which is going to be difficult. I have to pick up shoes for the wedding, and I am going to Toronto with some friends this weekend as a birthday/bachelorette celebration, I also have some other running around to do for the wedding. My plan is: aside from the spending that I had  already scheduled I am going to try to keep any excessive spending down. So no chai lattes, buying only what groceries are needed, no new clothes or music or other things that aren't a necessity. It might be a bit of a struggle with two trips to the big city scheduled, but I think I can manage.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend Wedding Update

Mom and I spent some time putting together a few of the decorations we will be using at the wedding. There is nothing you can't do with some pinecones, coloured fabric, glass vases and a glue gun!

Thanks mom! I'm working on other decor, and slowly things are coming together.

4 weeks to go!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weekends Away

This past weekend I drove to Ottawa to spend some time with friends. We celebrated one friend's birthday, and there was a small bridal shower on Sunday to celebrate my upcoming wedding. At the shower, along with lots of love and well wishes, I was presented with this card. It was made by a crafty friend of mine, and inside was a note that told me although my gift hadn't arrived yet they hoped it would 'aid' me in the 'kitchen' with 'mixing' (I will be sure to share when it arrives!). What a wonderful group of girls! There is something to be said for great friends - we have another weekend together coming up soon, and then I see them at the wedding. So many visits, so much love!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August Sponsor Spotlight #4

Hi! My name is Sarah. I'm a 20 year old college student studying theatre. My dream job would be to live in NYC and work in theatre. I started my blog after a tough breakup, and now I've found a passion about writing about my life and the things around me. I love talking about baking, and I hope one day to go to grad school. Please stop on by - I'd love to be blog friends! :) 

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August Sponsor Spotlight #3

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August Sponsor Spotlight #1

Good day all!  My name is Thursday.  I'm a compulsive crafter, lifelong thrifter, hideaway hermit, design dork, baker extraordinaire and mama to my one and only Georgia Grace.  I blog about these things and more over at My Girl Thursday. Check out the clearance sale at my shop for some great vintage finds!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

See yourself on Newfoundlander at Heart!

It's that time of the month again. Newfoundlander at Heart is looking for sponsors for September, and a few things have changed so please read below!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

7 Day Push - Drinking Water


Last week's 7 Day Push was all about eating your fruits and veggies. This is something I normally partake in, but last week it seems I failed epically! I suppose I took it for granted that I would add a good amount of fruits and veggies onto my meals, but with a whirlwind day off spent wedding planning, little time for groceries and a busy work week it seems fruits and veggies lacked importance.

This week, however, is water. 8 glasses a day! I love water. I love water sports, swimming, cottages, and especially a clean and refreshing glass of H2O.

So this week I am going to follow Ashley and continue (or start) eating my fruits and veggies, and try to add the recommended 64 ounces of water per day. I already choose water when most people would reach for juice or pop, but I think this challenge will do me well. Also water is supposed to be good for the skin, and with only 5 weeks to go until the wedding. The more hydrated the skin the better!

Want to join in the 7 day push fun? Click the button at the top, and read, or link up along with us!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

In the Garden: Neglect

In July we had one of the hottest, and driest months on record in a while. I tried to visit my garden, and water it regularly enough that nothing would wilt away. Then came August, and in the first few days of the month we received almost half of the average rainfall for the month. And the garden took to the back burner. Reggie told me after cutting the grass in the far corner of our yard, that the garden was looking a little sad. The next day I spent some time pulling weeds that were attempting to take over, and look what I found:
The radishes are done, the zucchini is coming along nicely, the sweet peas are sweet as can be, and this little guy just about gave me a heart attack when he hopped out from under a tomato plant.
The banana pepper and tomato plants are heavy with small fruit that is shortly going to overwhelm our kitchen with fresh deliciousness. The broccoli is surprising me, I thought it was dead and unlikely to produce, but the leaves look right, and I'm wondering if we might get a few small heads anyways. And the butternut squash. No fruit yet, but sooo many flowers, something tells me I'll be freezing squash for winter baking!
The Plox are a gorgeous bright purple colour, and one of the few flowers we have left in the garden. And the roses are all gone, the rose hips are all that remain of the soft summer beauty.

So I suppose that even though I forgot about my garden for a little while, it is still working away to grow and produce some delicious treats for us. I am excited for when the bigger veggies are ready to eat, and soon my very favourite treat will be upon us - pumpkin! I have never had a lot of luck growing them, so I usually buy them in the fall from the farmers market. mmmm!

How is your garden growing? Have you had any tasty treats yet?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weekend Wedding Update

I had a busy week this week! I met with the florist, and the caterer, and made lots of decisions. Things are coming together, and I think I am feeling (a little more) ready.

So remember here, when I gave a hint that I ordered something from Marysza's Shop? Well I am sorry it took me so long to get to the order, but you know there are very strict rules about only one wedding post a week. BAH!
So this is my guestbook! I love it! I think it is very us, and I am excited for our guests to sign it. I understand that there are many pages, which will never get filled. But I think what I will do is make the extra pages into a mini scrapbook. Things are starting to get exciting. We have heard back from many people, and before we know it the time will have flown by and we will be married and back to life as we know it.

Only 5 weeks to go!