Wednesday, February 22, 2012

For Pip

Pip is one lucky baby! Three months to go before s/he is even out of the womb and people are already sending things in his/her direction. When Reggie and I arrived home on Valentine's day there was a present for Pip sitting on the table - Grandma Trish had stopped by with some goodies! There was a super cute onesie with a sleeping bag, some no-slip socks and this sweet book:
I'm tempted to sit in one of our rocking chairs and start reading to Pip, although I'm still a little frantic about cleaning and organizing and such. The reading will come.

Also, recently I picked up a changing table from my friend (thanks Barb) and things are really starting to come together. And if you saw my from the stash post last week - I have officially started to make baby things. :) Pip sure is loved, and I'm sure the loving will only increase one s/he is a warm and cuddly bundle of joy!

Stay tuned - there is another letter to Pip, coming soon :)

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  1. How sweet!
    I always sat and rocked my girls and read to them while they were in the belly - they both love it so much now that they're getting bigger!


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