Saturday, February 4, 2012

Buried in Baby... Stuff

While I was on my short trip into Orillia I managed to find time to visit a few friends. One has three small boys and the other just got back from a year in Australia. It is great to be able to re-connect through the growth of Pip. Everyone is excited to hear how things are going, and more than willing to share tips, lend baby things and listen intently to all my crazy mom-to-be ramblings.
Earlier this week I received 6 very full garbage bags of baby/kid clothes from Reggie's sister and I found time to go through them all while chatting with my parents, and my aunt and uncle. I managed to pare it down to 2.5 bags which is a much more manageable amount for us to store in our small home. Then on my visit yesterday, my mommy friend presented me with some of her not-so-needed maternity clothes, and my traveller friend gave us this lovely book pictured above. So we are well on our way, I have clothes for me; clothes, blankets and various accessories for Pip; and some lovely stories to start sharing with our little one (I already own the rocking chair). Things are falling perfectly into place, and I every day my little wiggler gets a little bigger, and a little closer to the due date.

I do have a from the stash post to share with you, but Reggie and I are headed out on a little day trip today. So I'll try to finish it up and post later today or tomorrow morning.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far!


  1. Awww, sounds like you have some amazing thoughtful friends! Score on all that baby stuff!!

  2. This makes me more excited with my baby shower. I can't wait to see those different baby stuffs for my baby boy. Although I'm not sure if I'm really having a boy.


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