Friday, February 24, 2012

Let me Introduce You...

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Today I am sharing with you some of my lovely sponsors! I feel so fortunate to be able to call these ladies friends! Please visit their online homes, and spread some blog positivity! Since winter is coming to a close in the next month or so I thought I would ask my sponsors what it is (if they have to choose something) that they like most about the harsh winter season. You can read their answers below their photos.

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My favourite part about winter is all of the holidays that fall within the season. Not only do I get to celebrate Christmas - which I love for all of its traditions - but my birthday is in the first week of the New Year. My Mom and aunt also have January birthdays so most years our whole family gathers to celebrate together. And despite the fact that I am not particularly keen on Valentine's Day, I do appreciate the excuse to acknowledge all of my loved ones on one special day of the year (and the excuse for a nice dinner!). Family Day in February is a recent bonus to my winter holiday fun - an extra day off work and another day devoted to spending time with my favourite people? Yes please! With all of these special occasions dotting the winter months I find it impossible not to look forward to the season each and every year.

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I love being cozy. I love wearing comfy sweaters and slippers while cuddling with the hubs under a warm blanket. We don't have a fireplace in our current house but if we did, it would be roaring every night!

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Although winter isn't my favorite season, I love all the memories that are made during it. Sitting in front of the glass door with hot cocoa in hand and a toasty blanket. Watching the snow fall down is like being in a different world. So beautiful and relaxing!

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The thing I love most about winter are those long winter weekends when there's nothing else to do but bundle up in the house and get creative with activities! We watch movies with girls on the couch, sharing popcorn and a dozen blankets - we paint and cook tons of food and live like hermits all weekend long just soaking up our time together. When the kids get older, we'll venture outside and brave the weather together to go sledding and build snowmans, but for now it's nice to keep warm and cozy inside our little home!

Thanks so much ladies! And be sure to check out my other sponsors found in the side bar! :)

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