Saturday, February 18, 2012

From the Stash: Bibs!

Update on the Sewing Machine problem: it's fixed!!! I called a few places and one is a small local business run by a woman out of her home. And she offered a few suggestions before I took it in and had to pay money - and it worked! I fixed my machine. I was elated! Needless to say, I finished my from the stash project for today, and I'm pretty excited about it! Take a look:

So in my stash of fabric I have many old t-shirts, which I started accumulating in order to make strips for hooked rugs. And you would be amazed how quickly t-shirts accumulate when people know you will take them... So I decided I needed to go through and pare down my t-shirts as well, and I came up with this simple idea to make some up-cycled t-shirt bibs. Because too many bibs will not be a problem once the baby arrives!

I do have a tutorial in the works for these guys, including the little duck appliqué, but after working six days in a row I didn't have the energy to write it all up. I'll try to post it by then end of the weekend, after a little resting and catching up in my blog reader!

I hope your weekend is going well! You can still win a one of my necklaces over at Whimsical Poppysmic and a credit to my shop at This Enchanted Pixie, go sign up!


  1. Hooray for getting it fixed! These are so cute. What a smart way to upcycle!

  2. Adorable--these turned out great:) I made one out of old jeans before for a friend. So fun and fast and the duck applique is a great touch!


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