Thursday, February 2, 2012

Medication and the bump

Before you jump out of your chair and begin to type furiously, commenting on all the negative effects on my baby, just read along for a bit.

I am not claiming that I am ok with using any medication on the shelf, but I think that there is currently some kind of negative connotation associated with using any and all medications during pregnancy. I understand that there are serious complications associated with the use of some medications during pregnancy, but after speaking with a friend (who is a pediatrician) I have found that there are some that are quite safe to use. She informed me of a site called Motherisk where many common medications are listed along with any risks or effects of use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. As it turns out, Sick Kids, has done studies as well as collected information on studies done by other groups on the effects of certain medications and their use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Through my conversation with my friend, and my research on this site, I learned that it is safe to continue using my inhaler and to take acetaminophen in the case of any intense pain or headache. My inhaler is important because I have allergies to furry friends and over the counter allergy medications are not a good idea to use during pregnancy (partly because they have so many different medications nowadays, and you are taking something for a symptom you don't have), so being able to use my inhaler is a great way to be able to breath when I am visiting family or friends with pets who make my breathing difficult. As for acetaminophen I haven't taken any yet, but it is nice to know that if anything arises I could take one in order to help alleviate the pain.

And then there is the whole issue of pain relief during labour. Nowadays we are stuck on this idea of a "natural" birth. There are classes offered on how to hypnotize yourself to reduce the pain so you don't have to give in and take medication; because using medication can be seen as a weakness. I feel that it should be the decision of the mother - the person going through the birthing process, and that any need for medical intervention should not be viewed as a sign of weakness or a less natural birth. I'm not going to delve any farther into this topic, there was a great post by another blogger I wanted to share, but I just can't seem to find it again. I haven't got my birthing plan completely figured out, but I am preparing myself to be accepting of whatever happens. If I need medication I will take it, and if other measures are necessary to keep myself and the baby safe and happy then I will try them willingly. I have always been open to new ideas and suggestions, and I'm not going to change that now.

Anyways, sorry about the rant. I wanted to share my thoughts, and I have. I hope I haven't upset anyone. Mostly I wanted to share the Motherisk website; for anyone who is curious about certain medications it is a fantastic resource!

It is my grandmother's 92nd birthday today, and I'm heading to Orillia after work to visit with her and some other family and have supper. I'm really looking forward to it! She is a pretty special person in my life, and I can't wait to take little Pip there to meet her in May!

I hope you are all having a lovely Thursday. Chat soon.


  1. Interesting topic. Not something I've put a whole lot of thought into, but I do think it's perfectly reasonable to take some medications while pregnant, as long as they're physician approved. I'm glad you're able to use your inhaler still!

  2. Being smart is what it's all about! On Offbeat Mama they wrote about how all birth is natural, it's birth! I'm not a mom, but when considering it I've gone to that site a lot because they support any informed choice of a mama, medicated or unmedicated.

    Anywho, just going through your blog, I found it on mygirlthursday I think. :D


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