Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Came in Like a...

Lion, I suppose. I always hope for Lion, because that means it will go out like a lamb - or so they say. Although it wasn't as Lion-like as I would normally expect, we have been experiencing some pretty wicked weather around here in the last 24 hours. Snow, sleet, rain, freezing rain - in general bad roads and slow going, everywhere.

To start off the new month right, I had a glucose test this morning. I had some blood taken, then had to drink a sweet orange drink, wait an hour and have more blood taken. I think because of the two separate needles my arm is now rather sore, and bruised. I'm hoping it will go away relatively quickly!

In happier news, March seems to be a really exciting Month around the blogosphere! I have some new and some returning sponsors, click over to their blogs to see what they have going on this month! From tatoo giveaways to shop launches, it seems like a pretty good month to be hanging out with these gals :) You can click the buttons below, or in the sidebar to visit each blog:)

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Here on Newfoundlander at Heart there are going to be some exciting things to check in on also. I am working on a couple new lines, and new items for my shop, Hooked Goods. More news on this soon! And I am getting ready for a new Blog Design (from my friend Ashley), which won't actually launch until April, but there will lots of talk, and perhaps a sneak peak or two! Also, I will be running positivity link-ups starting Monday March 5th, where you can link-up a positive post about a recent experience! And, I will be contributing to a fun new craft-a-long blog, and some themed weeks on blogs - I'll be sure to share information here as it arrives!

I hope you're having a fantastic March so far! Spring is on it's way, I promise :)

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  1. I think we got a "sleeping lion" today. We had a little snow, but temps are hovering right around freezing, so it was actually quite a pleasant start to March.

    I also got your package today. Thank you so much! I'm so excited for the journal and the coasters. I have a glass of water resting on the coasters as I write this: the perfect new accessory to cheer up my work space!!


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