Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Corners, nooks and crannies

So as I work through the organization of my home (as part of New Year goals, and as my nesting gets worse) I thought I would share some simple organization solutions with you guys! I love to bake, which if you read my blog regularly, you will have already realized! And the baking supplies that pile up in our fridge can sometimes get a little unruly. So if you take a look below, you can see the before and after!
I went through and consolidated some supplies that were leftover from Christmas time as well as used some up - granola is great for that. And then I stopped by my local dollar store and picked up this super cute rubber bin for... you guessed it $1! Now my baking supplies are more organized and don't take over an entire shelf in our fridge!

I will be posting more of these in the future... and I'm in the process of working my way though my crafting corner. So there will be a few posts to tackle that area!

I hope you're having a lovely Wednesday - halfway through the week :)

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