Monday, April 25, 2011

A Wonderful Easter Weekend

I had a very busy but wonderful weekend, which is why there was no spring cleaning post yesterday. I will do one later this week, and my last one on Sunday - May 1st!

Reggie and I decided since we had some time off together (which doesn't happen very often) that we would go check out the cottage. Our plan was to go up Thursday night, and head back early Saturday morning (I had to work). Then we heard that there might still be some ice on the lake at the cottage, and thought going up, just for the day would be a better idea. So Friday morning we got up early, packed the truck, hooked up the boat and drove north. Once we go about an hour north of here, there was some snow on the ground and ice on many of the lakes still. We decided it was a good idea to go up just for the day. The cottage is a bit of a trek, and when we got to the end of the road that is plowed in the winter time, look what we saw:
 And where we hoped to launch the boat... lol
We decided to hike the road, which made for a long but very enjoyable day!
We stopped in at a friend's cottage. You can see Reggie and Gunner past the water slide, on the end of the dock. :)
And when we arrived at the cottage, Reggie went to the dock to see if he could safely get onto the ice to do some ice-fishing (since the boat was out of the question). And Gunner decided to test the water. Gunner is only 8 months old, and had only ever waded in the water, but being a Labrador Retriever after falling through the ice he swam himself back to the dock, where Reggie helped him out. I don't think I have seen Gunner happier - built to swim! We spent a couple hours eating our lunch, relaxing and drying in the sunbeams, before walking back to the truck.

Reggie looks impressed doesn't he? It was a wonderfully exhausting day, and I look forward to another soon! For a contrast in scenery, we headed over to my parents on Sunday for a family dinner. Gunner had a great time visiting with my cousins little boy, who was equally excited to meet an energetic puppy! It's amazing how captivating sticks can be when you are only 15 months :)
I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I'm looking forward to a few days of crafting and blogging!


  1. Aw, that looks like such a fun day (despite all the snow and ice, haha)!

    Cute puppy. ♥


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