Friday, April 29, 2011

No Power, No Problem!

Yesterday we had a crazy wind storm. And, shortly after I finished my second last spring cleaning post we lost the power. I had planned on using my new sewing machine all day long, but I obviously could not when there was no power. I spent the day cleaning and reorganizing storage areas, such as our bookshelves, and my craft storage. And then in the late afternoon I decided I would need some water (we are on a well, and without power the water doesn't get pumped into the house), and I drove into town to my in-laws to get a couple jugs of water. I had the candles and camping lanterns ready to go for when I got home.
Luckily we have a gas stove, so with a couple matches I had dinner and dishwater on the go! A pan for grilled cheese, a small pot for pasta, and the large pot to heat some water to clean all the dishes I made during the day. It was much like camping! :)
And just as I was about to sit down with my candles and work on some hooked mug rugs, there was a beeeeep. And the power was back. Oh, well I guess it is back to lights and background noise. The quiet throughout the day was a very welcome change. However, once the power came on I managed to get a little sewing in, before making some cookies for a snack!
Did anyone watch the Royal Wedding this morning? I caught the tail-end and then some highlights, very classy. I was impressed! :)

Have a lovely Friday!


  1. I secretly love it when the power goes out. When Hurricane Igor his Newfoundland last year I was disappointed - out of all of our friends our house was the only one that didn't lose power. (All the streets around us and the top of our street did though). After about 5 days and some of them still had no power, I wasn't as disappointed anymore haha.

    Lucky you had the gas stove, though!

  2. Power outages usually end up being fun, hehe!

    P.S. I passed along a little blog award to you!

  3. I also enjoy when the power goes out. It's fun to take a break and recharge your own batteries. Sometime I'd like to pretend the power is out without it having to go out. I'm not sure that anyone else in the house would go along with it, though. ;)


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