Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Sewing Space

This is my second last spring cleaning entry, and then I plan on moving to the garden - permanently! lol I meant to post this on Sunday, and then on Tuesday I got a lovely surprise, so I'm glad I waited. Here is what I started with:
A vacuum, a stereo that is not in use, a file folder, a printer that we never use, weights, and general clutter. And, the sewing machine is not even in this photo! I put the vacuum downstairs, along with some of the larger items, cleaned away the crafting supplies that I am not using, filed the papers/bills into appropriate places (some of them the recycle bin!). It was a pretty easy clean. Take a look:
The desk is looking a little rough from here, but it is solid wood, so we will keep it and likely give it a little TLC. I decided to keep relevant things close, so we have odds and ends for current projects (elastic, unfinished shoe beanies, and silica beads), as well as my great-grandmothers (? I think) sewing basket. I got it when I was just young, and have never been able to part with it!
My little storage container that I actually use, and some very relevant sewing tools: scissors, measuring tape, fading tracing marker, and stitch ripper (not that I ever have to rip out any stiches, lol).
And now you are wondering what surprise I was alluding to earlier... Remember my trip to Fabricland a few weeks ago? When I spent $7 on fabric? Well since it was their birthday celebration they were having a huge sale, and a draw. So when I paid for my fabric, the woman at the desk asked me if I would like to enter the draw. I said sure, filled out my name and number, walked out and promptly forgot about it; until... I arrived home on Monday afternoon with a message to call Fabricland. So I did and the associate told me I won a sewing machine. Excuse me? a what? My brother and father have always been the lucky ones in my family. I hardly ever win anything. I. was. ecstatic. Here is a photo of my mom's old sewing machine, that she let me have when I became interested:
A Sears Kenmore, from the 1970s. It is an antique, and so far has worked fine for everything I have used it for. I just found out recently that the bobbin winder doesn't work. I took a peek at a few new machines online, and decided I couldn't afford one. After all I heard from everyone that I should put a little money into it, or it would just break. And remember that sneak peak from yesterday?
That is my winnings! A new fancy sewing machine. A Janome 2160 QDC. A brand I have never heard of before, but seems to have a good rep in the world of sewing. I think the QDC stands for quilting (as it comes with a quilting kit) and decorative (it does some 60 stitches, a few of which are very fancy and embroidery like). Anyways, I love it, and I am so excited to get sewing. All those projects that I have been putting off, will now get completed - I have no excuse! And, as Crystal said: "your machine is so fancy you will be able to press the 'dress' button and it will just go ahead and do it", lol. I don't think it is that easy, but pretty exciting none-the-less.
Have you had any wonderful surprises lately?

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