Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gifts for Friends

After work on Tuesday I made a quick trip to Fabricland - all I needed was 1/2" elastic. Turns out it's their birthday right now, and everything regular priced is 40%-50% off!!! I had never been to that particular location before, and I was totally overwhelmed by the bright colours and patterns packed in to such a small space. Needless to say, I had to buy something... Four fat quarters from the crafting section. Not too bad knowing my affinity for bright colours.
Right now Sarah (Atlantic Atlantis) and Lenore (Lenoracle) are doing a series called grow. Last week she encouraged readers to create something and share it with a friend. So using the fabric above I am going to be creating little shoe dryers for some of my cycling friends who find their cycling shoes are almost never dry when they are on their bike every day. They would work well also for gym shoes, and in the winter for boots and gloves.
These little bags feel like bean bags but will absorb water from something, such as a shoe, and can then be dried out and re-used. Cute aren't they?

Why don't you join in and share something you create with someone else!?


  1. Tell us more about the bags. What's in them?

  2. ahhh, i didn't get it in your email yesterday, now I get it. Like Melanie, I am wondering what is in these puppies? Sham wow...isn't it. haha

  3. Silica beads. They absorb water, and then can be dried and used again! :)

    If you're interested I can send you a set to try out!?

  4. Holy cow, those would be fantastic for mittens! My mittens are perma-soaked during the winter. What a super cool idea. Thanks for playing along, Margot. :)

  5. Ohhhhhhh... these bags are so cute! Lovely fabric! J'adore!


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