Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Crafting Corner

So in the last two weeks I focused on cleaning out my freezer, and I still have lots of berries, fruits, veggies and meat to go through. Kind of a good problem to have, isn't it? Today I am going to share my crafting corner. I am a little embarrassed at the state, but this is where I do a lot of my hooking, blogging and craft planning. 
So we have, fabric from recent projects (and the recent project), mail that has likely been unopened, an envelope with my wool from Island Sweet, little piles of craft accessories, books that I am reading, a basket (that is supposed to help organize the space), a Rubbermaid with old receipts and mail (to get ready for tax season), my antique sewing basket, and CDs in a case. A lot of stuff to cram in to such a small space, and lets see what I did.

First I cleared away the clutter, most of the things in the photo above have a home elsewhere. Take the time and do it, it's worth it!
Here is the basket, doing it's job. I decided to keep only things for the project I am currently working on, or that I reach for more than once a week. In this case it was my coasters, so the wool and strips I am using, straight pins, pushpins, and ruler. Also easily accessible is my hooking frame, and laptop, nestled neatly in its cozy!
And all those small accessories: Buttons (I have a bit of an obsession, more on that later), chalk (for my message board), wool and strip clippings (I hope to make something with these someday), rug hook, scissors, pen, marker, and a teddy for company. I use clear glass containers (from candles, labels peeled and cleaned) to keep all the little bits together and because it looks pretty, like a bit of decoration.
So there you have it. My crafting corner cleaned up, and organized. I am much more comfortable here now, and things are much more accessible. I suggest you do the same with the space where you spend lots of time, you will feel so much better!

How is your spring cleaning going? Check back next Sunday for some more tips!


  1. A messy workplace is a sign of a good artist! But it's great you got it all cleaned up, need to do that every now and then so you don't lose your mind. : )

  2. I just cleaned up my craft corner yesterday! When it gets too messy it leaves me really unmotivated. They say you should be able to see 50% of your desk at all times and that was certainly not the case for me.

    Go us! Team Spring clean, yay!


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