Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Through my Lens (Salvage)

A beautiful small town that was suggested to my by a woman I worked with at Gros Morne N.P. It is on a small peninsula north of Terra Nova National Park, past the community of Eastport.

How do you think they get everything out there? Boat?
Not the first I saw, but the most beautiful!


  1. Ah, the outports: they were abandoned in the 60s and repopulated in the 90s by folk who made enough money from living in the city to be able to turn the ol' homeplace into summer cottages.
    Just don't go whining for a local hosptial, and Tim Horton's, and government services office, and....

  2. Ah these pictures are gorgeous! I can't wait for the icebergs to flow down. :)

    You asked about the weather on my blog, today was okay but the last while has been pretty darn crummy. Certainly not the weather you've been getting in Ontario from what I hear! We don't get spring here until May. :P

  3. Oh how cool. You're so far away that those houses look like little toys!!! And the icebergs are spectacular. I don't see that kind of thing here in Kentucky very often. Errr, ever. ;-)


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