Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend Workshop - Kids Craft (Painting)

This is a fun and easy craft you can do with your kids, and if you don't have kids you can borrow your niece, nephew (as I did), or other children close to you; or just do it yourself.

Using the materials pictured below, you and your little one can make a super cute piece of art that you and s/he will be proud to display anywhere in the house. To find out how to complete this craft go to the tutorials page and follow the appropriate link.
This one was created by a collaborative effort between myself, Crystal and Loo from Crafty Ave, it is a whole crafty family over there! Did you hear, Mr. Crafty Ave is going to be doing a guest post tomorrow? teehee

Have a fun weekend, and check back tomorrow for some more spring cleaning - freezer style!

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