Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Handwriting Game

Last week I was tagged by Crystal from Crafty Ave in the Handwriting Game. I suppose I have been spending too much time inside, but I haven't gotten to it until just now. I felt really good to sit down and write on a piece of paper. I used to journal a lot, but have gotten away from it. I might have to start again. I like writing thoughts, feelings and fun stories down, to re-live later in life.

The questions are as follows:
  1. your name, your blog name
  2. your blog URL
  3. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
  4. Favourite Quote
  5. Favourite Song
  6. Favourite Musical Aritst
  7. Something you say
  8. Who's handwriting would you like to see?
Here is a sample of my handwriting (it's not very straight without lines):

*I tend to  be a very good promoter of Newfoundland, and somehow it always comes up in conversation and I am always encouraging people to visit it! You should too :)
**No that's not my writing, but I forgot and just had to add it in later. :)

And the people I chose to play are:
Cait - Bake What your Momma gave You
Melanie - Tip-Toe Thirty
Sarah - Atlantic Atlantis

I finally finished my coasters, and I will be posting about them tomorrow! Check back to see how they turned out!


  1. Aww, not too many Hey Rosetta! fans around the blog world, nice to find another one. :)

    Thank you for tagging me! I love these meme things, but I already did this one! Womp womp, haha.

    You can see my answers over here:

  2. I can't wait to do this! I'm a bridesmaid & photographer in a wedding (yes, that's me, pulling double duty) this weekend so I've been so busy this week. This will be a nice easy post for me to whip out today and schedule post for Saturday.


  3. You're welcome! And Sarah, I will get you on another one!

  4. Super pretty handwriting :] I love that quote as well
    -Allison Kaye


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