Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tweet Tweet

Yesterday's sky was dark and dreary with the threat of rain. Despite the impending doom, I spent most of the afternoon outside cleaning up the front yard. Reggie and I have a rather large yard, and it is separated into three sections. The front, which faces the road, has a few spruce trees, a decorative tree (I will find out what it is called, and let you know), two very large pine trees, some lilacs along the driveway side and a small garden in front of the house (looking very drab here). All this to say, it is quite a bit of work to get it cleaned up. And as I was trimming the decorative tree (it kind of looks like a mini weeping willow) I noticed this:
Can you see it? We will move in a little closer:
Don't worry, I did not touch the eggs, or even the nest (thank goodness for zoom). But aren't they sweet? Two perfect little eggs, just waiting for spring to call 'tweet, tweet'. After I snapped a couple photos I noticed a mama bird doing some crazy dive-bombing, and loud chirping; I quickly moved away. I think she thought I was a predator. Don't worry mama bird, your eggs are safe in their nest in my tree :)
Speaking of birds, Polly over at Pixie Mama is running a promotion at her etsy shop. She is offering a free pair of earrings with every necklace purchased :) Just purchase the earrings and necklace you'd like, and in the message to seller put code "riverfun" and she will refund the cost of the earrings! Check out her shop here, she has some super cute little owls and things!

How is our Tuesday so far? Find anything interesting in your garden?

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