Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Harvest

It is never common to harvest a crop in the spring, unless you are in my garden. I had a very busy fall. After spending the summer here with Reggie, I had to return to Ottawa where I still had an apartment. The plan was to stay in Ottawa until February, and then once while travelling back here for a visit there was a bad car accident. I decided then and there that was the end of the weekend commute. I was moving in with Reggie permanently. So with all the moving back and forth, accidents and changing jobs, I kind of neglected the garden. I completely forgot to harvest the remaining carrots, and chives, and I never had time to put all the gardens to bed. Needless to say there is a lot of work out there this year! And yesterday while I was raking leaves, cutting down dead matter and collecting fallen sticks, look what I found:
Baby carrots tucked away nicely in the earth, underneath fallen leaves. I heard that if they remain in the ground they can still be eaten in the spring. Sounds good, let's harvest!
And then to sort through, and see which ones were actually still good after a winter's sleep.
I had to get rid of a lot of them. they were partly eaten by little critters or Jack Frost managed to nip at the top, making them soft and inedible. But I have a few, and they are pretty good - especially after 5 months of frost, snow and cold.

Have you found anything fun in your garden yet? Stay tuned to see what else I found in my spring cleaning garden adventure!


  1. Re-discovery, physical and conceptual! Congratulations, and celebrate cultural renewal.

  2. That's awesome! What a delicious surprise. :)

  3. We're moving my garden this year (The new studio will block all the sun from it's current location) so I'm kind of excited. I usually always have these volunteer tomato plants come back and it ends up being a lot of work, so I'm looking forward to starting fresh this year! :-)


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