Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Small Surprises

Well, yesterday I told you about the baby carrots I harvested from my vegetable garden. And as I continue to clean up the yard (which is quite large and overwhelming) I am finding more wonderful things. Since it is cool and sort of snowing today, I thought I would share some of these spring delights. I love spring flowers they are so resilient in this totally unpredictable weather!
This little guy is growing despite the snow, which is almost gone

Such a beautiful sight next to the dark earth and brown leaves

There is so much life, if you just look closely!
I have to go to work today, so there will be no playing in the garden, but I hope to get out there tomorrow! What's growing in your garden?


  1. Aw, that last picture is full of hope. ♥

    I'm hoping to grow some herbs this summer! Mmm, fresh herbs. I can already taste them!

  2. awesome! That first picture is beautiful!
    I tagged you in my blog in a meme. Hope you enjoy them like I do!


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