Friday, July 22, 2011

S'more Love! (a delicious DIY)

So earlier this week I blogged about a trip I took for work. And in the evening we had a chance to relax, sit by a fire and cook some s'mores! What are s'mores you ask? Well as a blogger I made sure to take photographic evidence of the process, so could I share it DIY style with you all! :) If anyone is planning a camping trip this weekend, here is a great way to spend your evening!

Step 1:
Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients:
- graham crackers
- marshmallows
- chocolate (jersey/dairy milk works well)
- tin foil (for added gooeyness)

Step 2:
You have to find yourself a good marshmallow stick, and with a sharp knife make one end pointed. However, in provincial parks we are not allowed to pick up fallen wood, so I used kindling sawed down to the appropriate size (thank goodness for my knife!), and some old wiener roasters that my mom gave me.

Steps 3-5:
Lay out your graham crackers, add a piece of chocolate, and I usually put this close to the fire on/in tinfoil to melt the chocolate.
Step 6:
Carefully put your marshmallow on the stick, and you want to roast it close to hot coals (not flames), until it is golden brown and bubbly. Try to avoid to temptation to eat it! Or eat it and roast another :)
Step 7:
Place the golden marshmallow on the graham cracker with the melted chocolate, and top with a second graham cracker.
Step 8:
Enjoy! Try not to get melted chocolate and sticky marshmallow everywhere - but believe me it can be difficult to avoid!
Happy camping, and s'more making! And thanks very much to my friend Kathleen for her assistance with the photography!

What is your favourite treat while camping?


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