Wednesday, July 27, 2011

August Sponsor?

So I'm on the hunt... I have some space still available for August Sponsors. In fact I am looking for blogs, or shops who are interested in sponsoring from August-October. I am getting married in September and to make things a little simpler for me I will be keeping the ads up for these three months! I will of course rotate the ads, but will not actually be taking any down in this time period.

And, the ads will be changing, just a little. There is now a large ad, that will cost $5/month. And the regular ads will still be free. See below for more details:

Large Ad: $5/month
- 180x200
- featured at the top of the sponsor list for the entire month
- solo sponsor feature
- regular twitter promotion
- optional Guest post or Giveaway

Regular Ad: Free
- 180x180
- ads rotated 2x/month for maximum exposure
- participation in giveaway - OR - write guest post
- optional inclusion in sponsor feature post
- twitter promotion

Please let me know if you are interested in sponsoring Newfoundlander at Heart. I would love to have you in my sidebar! E-mail me for more info :)

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  1. Hello Margot,
    I really need you to go on etsy as fast as possible.



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