Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Weekend Refreshed!

Sorry about all the quiet around here. I had a busy weekend away, with little time for blog posts, and I spent the last two days on a bit of a field trip for work. I had such a lovely weekend at a music festival in Orillia (where I am from), and I thought I would share a few festival shots.
It was a beautiful weekend! But hot, so Reggie and I decided to find quiet corner of a near-by beach and have a relaxing swim in the shade.
Mariposa is hiding just behind those trees in the distance. We could still hear the tunes from our little swimming area, so we didn't miss much! We enjoyed some cold beer, festival food, beautiful weather and some great new music! I am planning on sharing some of my favourites from the weekend, a little while down the road!

Hope your weekend was lovely, sunny and full of happiness!


  1. It looks like such a special summer time! I wish I was lingering on a sunny beach right now. :)


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