Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Camping... It's a park thing!

I work for Ontario Parks, as an Outdoor Educator. One of the problems of being a part of an operating park is that it is difficult to visit and learn from the styles and programs of other parks. This year I decided to take my summer student to a distant park, Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, that has different but relevant programming (their program is much larger and they are doing programming that I aspire to at our little park). We were lucky enough to be able to camp during our stay, and take in a few of the sights while we were there:
We had a beautiful site, and it was a quiet park of the week so there weren't many people around. Upon our arrival there was a torrential downpour happening and we passed some time looking around the brand new museum/visitor centre. Once the rain stopped, we had a fire and some s'more making (more on that later :). And we even had time for a short trail - holy bugs!

It's been a really busy summer so far, so I was happy to fit this in! I know I have been neglecting my blog a little, and I'm sorry - lots on the go! However, I do have a few posts in the works, including some wedding updates! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summer (or winter if you are below the equator!). See you soon!


  1. Oh I love camping!!!! Your job sounds so cool and we have so many beautiful parks in Ontario don't we? I have just moved here and I love exploring them all!

  2. You work for Ontario Parks? Cool! Beautiful photos of camping, thanks for sharing. That smore looks awesome.


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