Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rules, or Not!

I read a post recently that kind of opened my eyes a little. It was all about the rules of blogging, and how these 'rules' are not necessarily so. It got me thinking a little bit, about when I first started my blog; back when I wanted to share my Newfoundland experiences with everyone, and worried less about number of posts, sponsors, content, etc.

Since Pip was born, I find myself blogging a little more like I did when I first started out over a year and a half ago, and at first I worried that some followers wouldn't like it. And then I noticed a few people stopped following, and I was sad for a minute. But I realized, I enjoy my blogging more if I am talking about my life, my experiences and the things I love to do. That is why I started my little corner of the internet in the first place! So I'm happy to say that I have come (almost) full circle; I blog when I want to, and when I have something exciting to share. Not because I have committed to a certain number of posts per week (also, having my time consumed by tending to a mini person might have had something to do with it). And I am so grateful for all the people who do stop by my little blog, and sometimes say hello!

So thanks for sticking around, and I will continue to share bits and pieces of my life - crafting, baking, preserving and of course my beautiful family! And I will try to bring a little Newfoundland flare back to the blog, because I feel like I am losing touch (perhaps it is time for a visit!).

I hope your weekend is going wonderfully!


  1. I totally agree with this! In fact, when I'm searching for new blogs to follow, I tend to get turned off if EVERY post it some "What I Wore" or Sponsored Ad for Blowfish or similar. Can't wait to hear what you have to say WHEN you want to say it!

  2. As blogging should be.

  3. You keep writing about your experiences and I'll keep coming back. I love those "bits and pieces" of your life.

  4. Totally agree! I have changed my blogging habits as well and noticed the numbers going down. It also made me sad at first, but then I thought about it and realized that I actually don't really care! Keep doing what you do - it's perfect the way it is! xxx

    Please let me know if you got the package by now! I feel so terrible about it and would love to send a new one!

  5. This is wonderful, Margot. You're doing a fantastic job here & I appreciate your shares! xoxo

  6. Posting quality over quantity is always the better way to go. Please, keep up the quality posts!

  7. I've always found bloggers who don't follow the rules are much more interesting to read. Honestly, it's the personal stuff that keeps me reading most blogs. After all, what's a blog if you don't have your heart in it?!


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