Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Did You See Summer Passing By?

I know, technically there are still a little over three weeks of summer left; but really if I were still in school I'd be wrapping up my summer activities and getting ready to head back to the books. Luckily for me there isn't such a harsh finality to summer these days. I can continue to enjoy warm afternoons, pretty sunsets and local fruits and veggies for a little while longer. Pip and I will be headed to my parents cottage later this week, and then on to Reggie's family cottage for half the weekend and a few extra days and then I'll come home to a whole new month. My favourite month in fact, it is my birthday (2nd) and wedding anniversary (24th) as well as the beginning of my favourite season! Fall here we come.

So although Summer has really flown by this year, I have been to lots of cottages and done a fair amount of swimming and relaxing, and I am ready for September and the beginning of fall!

Not to mention September 'round these parts will be pretty spectacular! We are having a little blog party with some fun link-ups, giveaways, sales and fun fall inspired posts. If you've been meaning to contact me about being involved you still have time! E-mail me: nfldratheart[at]gmail[dot]com for more info. Also, what a great time to become a sponsor, lots of space available. See the ad shop below for more info! :)

Thanks so much for spending the summer with me, here's to fall!


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  1. Summer flew by this year. I'm really looking forward to this fall. Hopefully time will slow down a little bit then!


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