Thursday, August 30, 2012

Packin' Up!

Pip and I are busy packing up today! We are headed West to visit my parents and their cottage near Georgian Bay and then up to Reggie's family cottage, near Algonquin, over the weekend. Reggie will be bear hunting for a good part of the weekend, but Pip and I are looking forward to sunny skies, sparkling water, and fewer responsibilities than at home! The last time we were at Reggie's family cottage (pictured above) he had just finished putting the deckboards on the new deck! So now Pip and I can sit outside in the shade without having to lug everything down to the waterfront. Oh don't worry as soon as Pip goes down for a nap, I'm in that gorgeous water for a quick swim!

We will likely be away until September 4th, but don't worry with the Blog Party starting on Saturday I have a few posts planned in my abscence... it's like you won't even know I'm gone ;)

I hope you have wonderful weekend plans wherever you are!


Thanks so much for spending some time with me, if you're feeling up to it please leave me a note. I really enjoy them, and take the time to read every single one! :)