Friday, May 18, 2012

Helping out Mama: with The Dreamy Meadow

While I'm waiting for baby to arrive and enjoying those first few moments once Pip has arrived I've got a few wonderful ladies looking after my blog. So grab a cup of tea, sit back, and get ready to meet some fantastic people!
 Hey everyone! It's Katlyn, the writer over at The Dreamy Meadow and owner of Pure Trinkets. I am super excited to be doing a guest post for Margot today! I reached out to her when my blog was just starting out and we have been friends every since. She is just amazing!

As you probably know, she is having a baby!! This is getting my baby fever going that's for sure so today I wanted to share with you some items that I think are just plain adorable over on Etsy.

Baby Blankets. I cannot tell you how addicted I am to these. My son will never go cold, just for the sake that I have about a million baby blankets that I switch out on a regular basis. Plus I'm always grabbing more! The two that I posted about above I think are just so 'in' right now. Especially the Chevron pattern! You see it everywhere!

Mobile. When my son was just a itty bitty we had a mobile up in his crib. It was big and bulky though and I pretty much hated it. If I were to redo it again I would most defiantly get a handmade mobile. They are too cute!

Slings. Seriously I still could use this one! My son is almost half my height already (He's 16 months mind you) and no so easy to carry around. I have tried the backpacks but love the one pictured above. They feel like a hug! 

Customs. I have a necklace that my mother got for me after my son was born. It has his birthstone and name hand stamped on it. I cherish this piece of jewelry so much and wish I had some more personal things for him like a spoon, etc.

Diaper Bag. Personally I hateeee regular diaper bags. They are big and no so fun to lug around. I would much rather just have a cute field bag in which I can throw in wipes, diapers, and some other must haves when going out.

Keepsakes. I took pictures all the way through my pregnancy, but wish I would have gotten more creative with it. With the stickers shown above you can do that simply! The also have stickers for when your baby is growing and you want to capture each week/month! 

I hope you guys had fun with me today! I know I sure did with finding all this neat stuff. Come stop by my blog and say hi to me! I love to meet new friends! 


  1. I'm obsessed with the necklaces- such a great idea. Let Margot know that I've nominated her on my blog for the versatile blogger award! Check it out :)


  2. That handmade mobile is the cutest thing ever. So much nicer than the clunky plastic ones!!


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