Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dear Pip: You're Spoiled

Dear Pip

Last Saturday you and I travelled to Grandma Trish's house to celebrate your upcoming arrival. There were friends and family, delicious food and fun games. It was a pretty great afternoon! And I just had to document it, look at all the loot you got!
1. Cloth Diapers // 2. washcloths, and a cute baby towel // 3. Newborn onsies, so small! // 4a. Book on aromatherapy b. lavender, calendula and camomile herbs - to make a baby bath for you // 5. Classic baby books // 6. Owl Print // 7. Handmade Newfoundlander at Heart Sleeper and onsies designed by your cousins :)
I have to say Pip, you are so well loved. And the love is only going to increase once you are a wiggly sweet little babe :) It was so nice to have friends and family in one place for an afternoon to be able to share your recent developments.

Today is mama's first Wednesday off in a while, and she has crammed the beginning of it full of errands and short visits - we are trying to fit in as much as possible before you arrive. Although even if we had another two months I don't think we'd be ready! hehe

Two weeks today is a. your grandad's birthday and b. your due date! We will be sure to check in frequently to let everyone know how things are going :) You keep growing, and we will meet you soon!

Love Always,

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  1. That's quite the haul. I love the "Newfoundangel" onesie. How appropriate!


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