Thursday, May 17, 2012

Helping out Mama: with A Creative Girl, Living in a Country World

While I'm waiting for baby to arrive and enjoying those first few moments once Pip has arrived I've got a few wonderful ladies looking after my blog. So grab a cup of tea, sit back, and get ready to meet some fantastic people!
Well hello, Newfoundlander at Heart readers!  My name is Monique from “a creative girl, living in a country world” and owner of Ajih Creations.  This is my guest post for May, in which I’m going to share a project that helps with jewelry organization in some way.   

When we moved into our home, of course it’s an old bungalow style so the closets were also still in that time period.  So we are talking small, and just enough for one person in this day an age.  Therefore, I had to invest in a wardrobe which was for my things.  Once we purchased it I saw the problem I was going to have in regards to my jewelry that was always hidden in a jewelry box.  A lot of it, I would forget I had and never wear it often and I thought I had to come up with some idea so I could see it.  You may have the same problem as me, but if not then you can modify this to suit your needs by using a wall in your closet or room if that’s at all possible. 

I opened my wardrobe and decided on which side to do this project, and I decided on the side in which was less restricted by my clothes.  That way, my necklaces or earring wouldn’t get caught on anything. 

Once this was established, I then decided how long I wanted the sections to be and then I took screw eye hooks and placed them were I wanted them.  Once they were in the door, I then took picture hanging wire and stretched it between the screw eye hooks for the length, and added a few more inches to each side, because this was going to be for my earrings.  Once done and cut, I then begin placing knots a few inches apart, which would be a space for a set of earrings and keep them from rolling into the next space.  Once this was done, I then placed each end on the screw eye hooks and twisted them around until it was secure enough for me (I made mine slightly slouchy instead of tightly pulled across…).  It’s done and ready for earrings to be hung!  Pictures of this part of the project below.


Now for the section that is for necklaces, but I’m sure you can use it for something else to fit your need.

Take metal screw in hooks and decide how far apart you want them on the area, and begin screwing them into your area.  Do as many as you would like, but leave enough space in between each for your necklaces to not get tangled on each other.  Then begin hanging your necklaces.  NOTE:  there are different sizes of these hooks, so use the hook based on your need.  Pictures below along with the entire finished project. 

Margot @ Newfoundlander at Heart, thank you for allowing me to guest post!  Thanks to the readers who have found this not only interesting but helpful.

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