Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dear Pip: One Week

Sorry it's been a little quiet around here the last day or so. I had a day off yesterday, and made a HUGE to-do list and decided after a good sleep in to pare down quite a lot. I think it was a good choice, and I will get caught up more slowly over my long weekend :)

Dear Pip!

I can't believe it is less than one week until your due date! We are talking days, not weeks, at this point. Right now mama's down to working only one job, and only three days a week. This is giving me time to get some last minute things done in anticipation of your arrival. I just arranged with my work this morning to work up until you are born, because I was thinking you might come late and then I would be sitting at home a lot waiting, and I'm just a little too antsy for that! But now that I have it all arranged you will probably arrive on or before your due date, just to make me wonder why I worried in the first place.

Daddy and I put your crib together last night, it's almost as big as our bed!!! You will be so small in it to begin with, but knowing your genes you will grow into it quickly. And I finally packed our bag for our trip to the hospital (to those of your reading, I will be sharing soon :). There are some things for you, and some for me, and even a couple things for daddy. Something else I did recently was make a bath mix for you, using gentle and natural herbs (I will be sharing this also:). Your delicate skin is unlikely to need the harshness of soap, at least until you start moving on your own and getting into messes :)

Tomorrow is the beginning of my weekend, I have to sort through some more clothes for you and wash a few more things, but slowly everything is coming together. It's mother's day this Sunday and I know that unless you decide to arrive that day I will only be a mama-to-be, but I'll be excited and celebrating with all the moms in my life anyways. And I know my time is coming soon.

I hope you're enjoying your last bit of time in your little waterspa, because soon you will be snuggling in the safety of our arms. We love you, and are so looking forward to meeting you.

Love Always,

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