Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eating Locally: Produce

A week today I am headed to a seed swap to get some seeds for my garden. I have some leftover from last summer, but I want to look and see what I can find! If you click on the poster below you will go to a blog called Urban Tomato and she is a local woman who deals in heirloom tomato seeds, and I was so excited to find out about her. I love fresh tomatoes, as well as tomato products! Last summer I had intended to bottle tomatoes, pasta sauce and tomato paste to use throughout the winter, but I had planted my plants too late, and many of the tomatoes didn't ripen in time - not to mention I was working a lot and trying to get ready for a wedding. I used some of the green tomatoes, but many of them went to waste. So this summer I am excited to try and stay on top of this!
So in the next week I need to take inventory of what I have already in my seed stash, and make a plan to just get a few different things. I'm excited to start growing things again, and this year I'm going to get all my seeds planted on time and make sure they get lots of water! I always get vegetables from my garden, but I'm looking for a higher yield so we can use some for canning and freezing.

Any plans for your gardens yet?

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