Monday, March 5, 2012

Positivity in Customer Service (and a Link-up)

This week on the positivity link-up we are focusing on a customer service experience. Whether you work in the customer service industry or simply enter a shop at some point during the week, everyone is sure to have a customer service experience. And having worked in the industry for a long time I understand that not all experiences are great, or even positive for that matter. But what we are focusing on today is the little things that made you smile. It could be something small like the barista smiling at you when she handed you your non-fat café latte, or something a little more generous like a cashier walking you out of the store to point out the directions you asked for. There are many, many possibilities, and all I'm asking is that you find one - and blog about it. And then link your blog here, so others can read about it!

I'll start by sharing mine: This past weekend Reggie and I had a wonderful weekend away (a peak on that later), and the place we stayed was amazing! The people, the food, the services - it was all wonderful. But to be a little more specific the receptionist made sure to greet us warmly upon our arrival, and continued by explaining the grounds, the package we had booked including food and other services, and then gave us a lovely tour of the main building. On top of this the staff were always pleasant and some even went as far as to remember our names, it was a wonderful experience and made me happy I chose a small-town getaway location!

Now it's your turn:
Please take a moment to think of a positive customer service experience, and link it up below. Then enjoy hopping over to other blogs to read their shared moments too!

Starting off the week right, with a positive outlook!

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