Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dear Pip: Where does the time go?

Dear Pip,

At almost 32 weeks I can't believe how fast things are going! We recently had a visit to the doctor and everything was looking good. You are still in a head down position with a good heart rate, and my bump measured at about 30cm, again right about on par for my expected size. My blood pressure is still good, and the only thing I learned was that my iron is rather low. This explains the extreme tiredness I was experiencing! The doctor suggested some iron supplements and they have helped me re-gain some energy.

We also had an extra ultrasound, hoping to get a good look at your sweet little face. But because of your position, it was still difficult. The technician said it seemed as though you were playing peek-a-boo. And we managed to get a couple quick looks at your face:

Daddy and I have started to take birth education classes at Glow Maternity. Our instructor, Desiree, is a sweetheart, and we are learning lots of things about this whole process. It is just amazing how many options there are throughout pregnancy, labour and delivery.

We still have to book a tour of the hospital, but we have a little time. And we are slowly working on getting everything ready. You have no idea all the commotion going on out here, while you wait in the safe surroundings of my belly. I think you can hear me talking to you, because you are wiggling around pretty good right now. It's so cute to watch my belly ripple while you stretch out your little legs and move your feet. :)

Only 8 weeks to go now, I can hardly believe it!

Love Always,

My internet isn't working at home right now, when it is I will be sure to add in a couple photos! :)


  1. You write such sweet letters to Pip. I hope you put them in his or her baby book!

  2. What a sweet letter to your sweet baby! :) And yay for 32 weeks!! You are almost there!!!


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