Thursday, September 1, 2011

My favourite...

It's here! It's finally here! September is my favourite month and it has arrived. Why do I love September so? Well there are many reasons, and I've collected them all in a little list. Who doesn't like a neatly organized list of reasons?
1. September is the beginning of my favourite season - fall! I love fall, and everything it has to offer.
2. The evenings cool down (I am not a hot weather person at all), and I don't feel guilty about snuggling on the couch with a blanket as early as 7pm.
3. I can wear layers! I love the cozy feeling of sweater around my shoulders.
4. Pumpkins and other such delicious and colourful fruits! For displays, cooking, baking, and freezing for future tasty treats!
5. The leaves change colour. Here in central Ontario when the days cool, all the deciduous trees change beautiful bright colours before dropping their leaves to the ground.
6. School starts in September. I am no longer a student, but I always loved the feeling of heading back to school to see friends after a busy summer.
7. Fall weddings. In particular mine! I am getting married on the 24th, and is it any surprise I chose my favourite month?
8. And finally my birthday. My birthday is... tomorrow! I'll be 26. I've never been one to get really excited about my birthday, but I have celebrated a few wonderful ones with friends and family over the years.

What are you excited about this month?


  1. I *love* September, too! (Blogged about it this morning) My daughter's birthday is first, then my anniversary & then my birthday at the end of the month. It's my favorite time of year :)

    And everything on your list is 100% awesome & thankfully so true!

  2. I like September because then it means that we are getting very close to the holidays. I love fall because it is all about being with family and the end of the year is just full of celebrations and lot's of food. Being in the month of September means that my birthday is close and I too will turn 26 next month. Ahh! 26! I cannot believe how fast time flies.


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