Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekend Wedding Update

Last weekend I had another bridal shower with friends and family - a different group of friends and family mind you. It was wonderful. There was so much food I thought we were all going to explode. And just when I thought I had eaten enough, Reggie's mom brought out the icecream cake.
The cake was difficult to cut because it was frozen so hard in the middle, which meant some people got very large pieces! It also didn't fare so well in the heat, as it was quite a warm afternoon. It was delicious anyhow!

This weekend I am headed to Toronto to spend some time with a few friends to celebrate my bachelorette and birthday. We are going to the spa, we will eat some great food, maybe a little dancing, and relax and have fun. I am so excited. The wedding planning itself is going along nicely, I picked up the ties for the boys this week, and my shoes! I'll be sure to share a photo of each next week!

3 weeks to go, and I'll be a married woman!

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  1. Hooray! Have a great weekend and when you're back bring me over a tie and I can pick out fabric for Beri's dress.


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