Saturday, September 17, 2011

Every end is a new beginning!

 This week was my last week of my summer contract working at the park. I am always sad to see it go, the people I work with, the programs we run, the time I spend outside in a provincial park during the summer! But seasonal contracts are the way of the park system, and although I am looking for other options during the winter, Reggie and I decided I would take some time to breathe. So over the next two weeks I will be doing final wedding prep, resting after the big day, doing some much needed house/yard work, and spending some time with my two favourite boys.
And then... 
And then I think I will put some energy in creating something beautiful, or many things beautiful. I will be working a little, part time, but I am going to spend some time rug-hooking and sewing and finally giving in to all of my creative urges that have been nudging at me all summer long. I can't wait!

And we talked briefly about me entering a craft show closer to Christmas. Eep!

Have there been any exciting changes in your life recently?

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