Friday, September 23, 2011

Beauty and the Bridezilla!

I have been lucky, so have my friends and family. From what I hear I am a very calm bride-to-be. I have had a few melt downs, but only in front of my mom and Reggie (and not at the same time), but for the most part things have been pretty calm. I feel good about it all; and with only one day to go that is saying a lot.
This week has been busy with last minute preparations. But the nice thing is, I have had a little time to relax. My mom got me bridal package at a salon in Orillia (where the wedding will take place), and I was in on Monday for a pedicure and my trial hair-do! I go back in today for a manicure, and then tomorrow one last time for my up-do. I even decided to splurge a little bit and get myself some new make-up; I will be doing my own, and some of the stuff I have had lying around since university needed desperately to be replaced.
We have the rehearsal this evening, followed by a relaxed dinner at my parents hours. I can't believe it is almost here. It seemed like for so long the wedding was as far away as could be, and now, only one more sleep.

I'm excited :)


  1. Tomorrow's the wedding! ♥ Congratulations! ;)

  2. Wow Margot. I just landed on your blog via facebook. I didn't realize you were getting married. Congratulations to you and enjoy your special day tomorrow. Fingers crossed for beautiful fall Muskoka day! - Molly


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