Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Autumn is in the air!


This morning was cool, crisp and dark when we woke up. And as I leaned out the door to say goodbye to Reggie, I thought: fall is on the horizon.

It is coming.

With its frost kissed mornings, bright colours, blue skies, abundant fruit, and warm afternoons; autumn is almost here. I can't wait. Although I have to, such is the joy of living in a place that sees 4 distinct seasons.

I have been feeling poetic lately, and rather creative. I am hoping to share some of this creativity with you soon! What have you been up to? I feel so behind after the busy days of summer!


  1. What a beautiful morning you had!!! I love fall and the crisp air, hot tea to warm you up as you wake up. Fall Rocks

  2. There is something inspiring about cooler air and the turn of the seasons isn't there. Getting warmer here though!


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