Friday, September 9, 2011

Fabric Gifts!

Recently a friend of mine, who I worked with all summer, long celebrated her birthday. This year it was the holiday Monday of labour day weekend (only three days after mine) and I though wouldn't actually get to see her, I had a few crafty creations up my sleeve for her.
I'm not sure if you read Crystal's blog over at Crafty Ave, but she recently posted about goals revisited, and stated that one goal is to include something handmade with every gift they give. And I have to agree that they are doing well, I have received many handmade gifts from them (more on that later).  Well I am trying to do something similar, to create something unique, handmade and full of love to include in most presents that I gift people. And I think I've already started planning out Christmas :) Eep! So excited!
I made Kathleen a fabric bucket, told hold slippers, hats and mitts, wool, or anything else she can think of to put in there.
She also got a map pillow. She loves maps, and one day at work we had a bit of a discussion about maps. I decided to get some ink-jet fabric, find a cool map and make a small decorative pillow out of it. I was really happy with the ink-jet transfer, although the map colours were fairly light and I think in the future I would try on paper more than once to enhance the colour saturation.
Finally a small kleenex holder. It was only a prototype, but I think a good compliment. It was inspired by Marysza, she sent me one as an added gift when I ordered my guest book for my wedding. So cute!

Have you made anything for anyone recently? I'd love to take a peek!

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