Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Wedding Update

 So in one week from now I will be thoroughly enjoying married life. Recently everyone has been asking me "are you getting excited?". And yes I am, but I'm also very tired. It was a crazy busy summer with work and planning a wedding at the same time. But as you read earlier my summer contract has ended and I have this coming week to do nothing but last minute wedding arrangements. Between final dress fittings, ring sizing, finishing favours, hair appointments, arranging the seating plan and finishing the playlist it is bound to be a busy week! I'm sure I won't even notice that I'm not working;) I'll be sure to check in once or twice with a few peeks here and there, and there might be a few guest posts from some friends in the next couple weeks so look forward to those also!

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  1. That is very exciting. Good luck with all the arrangements and try not to stress out. :D


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