Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In the Garden: More Harvest

So recently we have had some more delicious treats from our garden, take a look!
Sorry again about the bad photo quality. These shortening days of fall are killing my photog abilities. That and I need a camera with higher megapixels. Anyways, so here we have zucchini, banana peppers, cayenne pepper, green beans and sweet peas. The tomatoes still aren't ripe, but there are some large ones out there!

I have a sweet recipe in mind for the zucchini (I already made spaghetti sauce with some), and I will be sure to share!

Anything good come out of your garden recently?


  1. I just recently decided to do a container vegetable garden so I will have to wait a while before I see anything in my garden. Luckily in Arizona we get two growing seasons so wish my luck with my new endeavor. :D

  2. We picked a watermelon in our garden the other day and it was sweet and delicious. There's two more they are only the size of softballs but I'll pick them this week as we have a 1C night predicted.

  3. Love the photo. Zucchini bread is my absolute favourite. Enjoy the fruits of your labour.


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