Sunday, May 15, 2011

In the Garden: Did you Know?

**Warning, I'm gearing up to go back to my outdoor education job, and am feeling a little like educating!

Did you know that the brilliant colours you see in the fall are the actual colours of the leaves? They are that colour all summer long, but all we can see is green. Why? Chlorophyll, which is green, is an important biomolecule that is found in all plants, and helps them to absorb energy from the sun. It is stronger that the natural colours of the leaves, and the beautiful reds, oranges and yellows of fall appear as green. In the fall trees will transfer their energy to the trunk and root system, and therefore the chlorophyll (the colour green), fades into the colours we know as fall.

In my garden right now the maple trees are at different stages, from buds to leaves:
And look what else I found out there:
Remember a super cute post about another one of these (here)? Well I never noticed those beautiful blue eggs become chicks and fly away, so I'm excited that there might be more eggs soon. They were just building this nest yesterday, so we will see what happens! These nests and eggs have also been inspiration for some recent crafting, which will be revealed when I share my etsy shop (soon)!

Have you found anything beautiful outside recently?


  1. I was at the Royal Botanical Gardens for a quilt show this past weekend and got to see some of the lovely flowers and blooms. That was my beautiful outside moment. I am hoping to get a flower box going this summer. I miss having flowers being in a 20 floor apartment building downtown.

  2. Hey I saw that nest today! I was going to tell you about it :)

  3. That 1st photo is beautiful


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