Saturday, May 28, 2011

Passing on Good Feelings!

Way back in April, Sarah presented me with this award. Thank you so much! I am so honoured, and no I did not forget. I just haven't found the time to think of seven facts.
So thank you again Sarah! And I would like to pass this award on to a friend and very new blogger, Rhiannon. She and her partner have started a blog together about creating a handcrafted home; crafting, recipes and green living, it makes for a great read! Head on over to Oh Beloved and share some of that blog love I know you keep lying around. Ok, and the idea behind this award is to share 7 facts about yourself, and pass it on.... So here's my facts:
  1. I speak four languages. I am only fluent in English, but can happily converse in french, and can manage a conversation in Spanish and German (I love to practice if you're interested!!).
  2. I have a baby brother who is 6'7"!
      3.  Reggie's real name is John (I'm still going to call him Reggie), and we got
           engaged after knowing each other barely four months!
      4.  I never wanted an animal, I'm allergic and it can be very
           uncomfortable. Now we have Gunner, and my allergies don't seem
           too bad. And how could you not love that furry little guy?
      5.  I have a recent obsession with brightly coloured nail polish!
      6.  When I was young I thought I wanted to live in a city, busy with lots
           of lights. Now we live in the country, and I couldn't imagine anything
      7.  I have an extremely hard time accepting compliments, and Reggie
           loves to prove that one.

Thanks for reading! Any interesting facts you want to share? Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for Michelle's giveaway, I'm sure you all need a couple of cards to write a sweet little note:)


  1. You speak German, also koenne wir uns auch auf deutsch unterhalten!
    Hope your weekend was fab so far! Hugs xxx

  2. Your dog is soooo sweet.

    And four languages, that's awesome.

  3. Four languages? Rock on!

    And the world needs more tall guys! I'm six feet, so trust me, I notice. :)


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