Friday, May 27, 2011

More, wine and friends!

At the end of the conference I attended last week they had a fancy dinner at another winery complete with wine pairing. The Hernder Estate is a beautiful place! And, although I couldn't have as much wine as others because I was driving, I had at least the mandatory 2 sips in order to taste the wine with the food.

To start the evening I tasted a 2002 Reserve Cabernet Franc
 Then, with our first course of mixed greens we were served a 2008 Reisling.
Our second course was a mushroom and cream penne, served with a 2006 Fumé Blanc (named for it's smoky flavour). Here you can see all my wines, not completely finished...
And the final course was a cheese and lobster stuffed chicken breast, with rice and grilled vegetables. This dish was paired with a 2006 Merlot, which at first I thought was strange, Merlot with chicken, but it really brought out the lobster flavour.
At the end they had a dessert table with a few different Icewines to try. I had the strawberry, and decided that it tasted like strawberry syrup with a hint of alcohol. All in all it was a wonderful week, with new experiences, a fantastic presentation and great company. I think I might have to look more seriously at heading back to the world of academia, I sure do miss it.

I know my blog has been lacking recently in my more traditional posts about crafting, recipes and Newfoundland. And I promise to get back to those very soon. There has just been so much going on recently that I have wanted to share with you!

What have you been up to lately? Three more days to sign up for the giveaway!

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  1. That looks like a fun evening!
    (Tell me, is the top picture of Newfoundland? It is such a stunning picture.)


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