Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Recipe Box: a Forgotten Resource

These days with electronic means of communication and organization paper and its peaceful simplicity often gets left behind. I have a number of recipe boxes on my pantry shelf. The recipes inside (and the recipe boxes themselves) have been passed down to me from grandmothers and great-grandmothers, meaning that these recipes have historical and sentimental value. I could never get rid of them. However, when I need a recipe I am inclined to reach for a shiny new cook book, or the internet for inspiration.

In one recipe box, we have recipes that have been around since my mother was a little girl. I am sometimes amazed that the paper has lasted so long.
In another, there is organization that was started by one of my grandmothers decades ago, and then continued by me about 5 years ago, neither of us reached complete organization.
And finally there is a box with recipes saved from cartons and containers, as well as hand-written reminders of how to make family favourites. I think I am going to have to dive into these little treasure boxes and try some of the recipes, I will share the results soon.

Also, I had a fantastic week/weekend away, and I am just sifting through photos to share the experience. In the meantime you should sign up for Michelle's giveaway!

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