Sunday, May 8, 2011

In the Garden: Garlic and Onions

These are great staples to have in your garden, unfortunately they are not the kind of thing you can harvest throughout the growing season. They are best planted in the fall, 4-5 weeks before the frost. I had a busy fall, and did not do that, so I'm planting them now. If you plant your onions and garlic in the spring it is best to plant when the frost first goes out, and the ground is workable. I am a little late, but the earth is still cool so I'm going to try it anyways.
 The chives from last years garden are the only thing that survived the winter :) Onions should be planted 1"deep and 3-4" apart, with about10-12" between rows.
To plant the Garlic, separate the cloves, and plant with the pointy side up 2" below surface and 4"apart, with rows 18" apart.

My garlic row and onion rows are too close together, but my garden is pretty small, so I'm going to experiment. :)
Other things are starting to bud and bloom: trilliums, daffodils, lilac bushes
 Happy Planting! How is your garden growing?


  1. My pot garden is limping into winter. Will it survive? I just don't know.
    I hope your garlic flourishes though.

  2. The only thing I was never able to plant closer together than recommended is cucumber. Everything else seems to go ok. So phooey on those recommendations, right?


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